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The data volume we need to evaluate to make decisions every day grows exponentially, this means that we often face unnecessary risks when deciding one or another strategy.


Business Intelligence – BI Azure – Analytics Data

To get this point in our company, it is necessary to implement a business intelligence system (Business Intelligence, BI). To get it, it is necssary that the bussines teams can have acces to easy-to-manage tools that allow them to exploitall the information that our data businesses offer.

In this fast changing environment, we will also need to provide ourselves with tools that can evaluate, not only the past behavior of our organization, but also how the business will be developed based on the possible variables that may appear.

The BI team of Aleson ITC, has experience in the development of this type of solutions for leading clients in their areas of influence, hospitality, construction or legal field.

Projects that have grown our knowledge to get quick and dynamic solutions, based on the implementation of projects, and the formation of internal customer teams, such as business analysts or controllers, who can follow autonomously with a support on our part.

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