It offers a cost-effective solution to face your Microsoft SQL Server databases administration.

The Remote DBA service proactively controls your SQL Server systems, keeping the environment in the best operating conditions.

Priority access to a team of certified DBAs in a 24x7 duty service.

Support and advice from a specialist who knows your systems, but also understands your organization.

SQL Server Support

The failure of only one of your servers can have catastrophic effects, causing a wave of negative consequences in time, money, production and customer satisfaction. Prevent these risks with our DBA Support services.



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Aleson ITC DBA Support

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Proactive monitoring of your SQL / IT environment, which
allows you to solve and anticipate problems or
react to them.




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SQL Support

The Microsoft SQL Server DBA support service includes everything necessary to provide a service offered by DBA experts to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure and determine, identify and resolve problems in your Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Among the activities included in the support service are:
  • SQL Server configurations review.
  • Installation of special software to monitor SQL Server.
  • Periodic analysis of BD performance.
  • AD-Hoc monitoring to identify problems.
  • 24x7 support for SQL Server emergencies.
  • Reporting and resolution of critical errors in SQL Server.
  • Quick response to incidents that affect production.
  • Design and deployment of databases.
  • Installation and update.
  • Import and export of the required data.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Management of planners.
  • Who attends the Service?

    The support service is provided by a technical team with different levels of experience that allows to have a highly qualified internal scale:
    Tech I - Associate
    SQL Server MCP
    + 1 year
    Tech II - Consultant
    SQL Server MCP
    + 3 years
    Tech III - Sr. Consultant
    SQL Server MCSA
    + 5 years
    Tech IV - Principal
    SQL Server MCSE
    + 8 years
    Tech V - Senior Principal
    SQL Server MCSE
    + 12 years

    How do you contact our support?

    Aleson ITC has a support and monitoring portal available to its clients, where they can independently register an incident. You can also be attended by email, and your incidence will be registered alike in our portal. We also have a priority telephone number which is available 24 hours a day.

    What is the response time?

    During working hours in 12 x 5 mode our response time is 1 hour. Outside working hours and on weekends, the response time is 2 hours.

    How can we help you?

    Call us at +34  962 681 242 or leave us your name and email and we will contact you .

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