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SQL Server Database Migration

Reduce your response times by migrating to a new version of SQL Server. At Aleson ITC, our server migrations are carried out without impacting your business.

End of Support for SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008

If you still haven’t updated or migrated your company’s server, you should know that Microsoft has ended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.

Migrate your database to SQL Server now and protect your business data and safeguard yourself from attacks.

How does Continuing to Use an Outdated Version of SQL Impact your Company?

Microsoft has stopped responding to incidents.

No new server versions will be released.

Very important data could be lost

Fails to meet GDPR requirements.

The Benefits of Optimizing your SQL Server

Free-up hardware resources for other tasks.

Simplify security through built-in controls.

Support for hybrid cloud deployment.

Prevent data leakage or theft in accordance with new regulations.

Get help from Microsoft if you need it.

The Best SQL Server Migration Options

Unify database administration by opting for the form of SQL Server migration that matches your company’s needs.

To the Cloud

Migrate to Microsoft Azure

  • Safe and free from interruptions
  • Global coverage offered
  • No need to modify application code
  • Save up to 55% by using existing licenses
  • Forget about having to upgrade

Local migration

Upgrade to SQL Server 2019

  • Comply with GDPR requirements
  • Protect your data while in use, during transit, and at rest
  • Compatible with Linux
  • Integrate with big data environments
  • Smart query processing available

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