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About Us

In an increasingly demanding field, where the marketplace is diverse and differentiation prevails, Aleson ITC was born to find the right solution for your business.

The best ideas arise when a creative person encounters a problem and finds the optimal solution. More than 14 years ago, we recognized this at Aleson ITC when our CEO, Francisco Racionero, and his team of professionals saw the importance of using modern data platforms to innovate, offer value to businesses, and facilitate competitiveness.

The Team

As a company, Aleson ITC specializes in Microsoft’s data platforms, its Business Analytics systems, and the comprehensive management of Azure cloud services. We have a team of experts in Azure, BI and SQL Server. After many years of striving to achieve the best for our customers, Microsoft has certified us as Gold Partners.

Our team’s professionalism goes hand in hand with the human value we see in each of its members. Perhaps this is why we can boast of a 0% staff turnover – we are a close-knit family and enjoy every new project.


Why do Our Customers put their Trust in Us?

Aleson ITC understands that the success of a business is directly proportional to the trust which its customers place in it. That’s why we treat each of ours as if they were a part of our own company.

We are database experts, have a highly-qualified senior team and offer a 24×7 service to attend to the needs of each customer in a personalized manner, no matter where they are located. This sets us apart from our competitors and our customers recognize it. That’s why they trust us.

Our Values



We publicize important company information



We have a deep respect for our work



We immerse ourselves completely in each project



We balance our economic, social and environmental impacts

We Are Committed to Environmental Issues

Our services limit CPU use, allowing the life of hardware resources to be extended, reducing energy consumption and minimizing our carbon footprint.

We Collaborate with Major National and International Technological Associations.

At Aleson ITC, we surround ourselves with the best. That is why we only collaborate with experienced professionals when tackling a project.


Information Technology Institute

ITI helps companies complete their digital transformations.


International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners

IAMCP is dedicated to developing and growing its members’ businesses.


PASS Global Community Member

A organization run by professionals that use Microsoft data platform

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