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Recovery Plan

DRP is the DRaaS service where we perform an updated and automated replication of your virtual machines to keep your applications active during planned and unplanned outages.

What is the DRP service - Disaster Recovery Plan?

By replicating their virtual machines, the DRP Disaster Recovery service provides companies with the compute storage and network capacity available on cloud servers so that workloads can be fully replicated.

It’s about using the power of the Cloud to keep the entire critical, virtualized, and dormant computing environment there, waiting to be launched if necessary.

This process allows it to work again in a much shorter time than if you had to restore data to a local system or replace it. If your company’s systems are already in the cloud, the process is even easier.

As experts in databases in Spain we know the importance of always having the information available and secure.

The objective is to always have an updated replica of our information systems such as servers and files in the cloud, so that the damage caused is as little as possible. Our Disaster Recovery Plan service integrates Microsoft Azure solutions:

Azure Backup

Integrated backup solution for all your information resources.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure built-in disaster server and data recovery.

DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) o Plan de Recuperación de Desastres
DRP - Plan Disaster Recovery - Aleson TIC

Why have a DRP Service in your company?

The DRP Service or Disaster Recovery Plan allows us to minimize the impact of a computer disaster whatever its nature.

The consequences of the interruption of a company’s IT systems can vary depending on many factors. Even according to the type of company and its activity. What we can say is that the constant in these cases are economic and time losses.

In what situations does a DRP protect us?

azure disaster recovery - DRP

Minimize downtime

100% security does not exist. Companies must be prepared to protect themselves and react to potential security incidents that could damage operational capacity or jeopardize business continuity.

We have to be able to give a quick and effective response to any serious contingency, so that we can recover normal activity. For this, we will design an exact and updated replica of your virtual machines that allows us to establish the necessary mechanisms to continue in the event of a serious security incident.

In the event of a disaster, having an ICT Contingency Plan defined and being able to apply will affect our image and reputation, in addition to mitigating the impact of the loss of critical information. Having the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) service could avoid:

Our solution is simple, secure, scalable and profitable

Through Azure, we offer a data recovery solution through the automated replication of the company’s virtual machines in the cloud for disaster recovery in a simple, secure, scalable and cost-effective way, which can be integrated with protection solutions of local data.

In the event of a service interruption or a series of accidental data damage, we recover business services in a timely, fast and organized manner.


Assembling the infrastructure, investment in hardware, investment in additional data centers, time, capacities, resources… On the one hand, it is expensive, but on the other, we need it more and more.


Companies with multiple branches, when companies are not centrally managed, multiple devices (PCs, tablets, laptops …).


GDPR, Data Protection Law, National Security Scheme …

Profits of a DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan


Cost and time reduction

You don’t need additional infrastructure costs. You only pay for the space you need.


Complexity reduction

We only need an internet connection. We don’t need to always have a connected infrastructure.

icono compilance

Normative compliance

Azure is the most widely recognized and compliant public cloud environment.


Protect ourselves against cybercrime

Suspicious cloud backup activities ask for notification and prevent any intrusive attacks.

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We help your company to implement a DRP Disaster Recovery Plan safely and effectively with our Disaster Recovery Service.

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