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Migrating your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure means they can be migrated and optimized as they move.

This means rightsizing workloads and taking advantage of compelling pricing offers.

Why migrate your Windows and SQL workloads?

Organizations around the world and in every industry are striving to stay relevant, bring higher value to customers and accelerate innovation. The cloud helps your organization reach its potential by getting out of the datacenter so you can focus on your business.

What a migration & modernization strategy can mean for your business

reduction in data center footprint and costs
increase in annual customer web sales
reduction in application deployment time

Reasons to migrate your applications to Azure now

▶️ Innovation

By migrating workloads to Azure, you are opening up possibilities for your applications.

▶️ Cost savings

Azure allows you to realize cost savings and reinvest that into your strategic projects.

▶️ Security & Compliance

Organizations that run Windows Server and SQL Server without regular security updates are more vulnerable to cyberattacks that could expose customer and business data to theft, damage trust, and erode confidence.

On – Premises Environment


Windows Server


SQL Server




Azure provides the best infrastructure for your Windows and SQL Server workloads


Virtual Machines

  • Migrate Windows Server as-is
  • Compute options for all types of apps (dev/test, high performance, etc)
  • Cost effective with multiple purchase options with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure SQL Database

Managed Instance

  • Broadest SQL Server compatibility
  • Always up to date
  • Built-in HA with AlwaysOn
  • 99.99% SLA out of the box

Intermediate Azure Benefits

✔️  Achieve global reach with 54+ Azure regions

✔️ Pay only for the resources you use and cancel anytime

✔️ Scale your app to what you need

✔️ Security and privacy built into the platform

Cost Savings for Customers

On Premises Licenses Owned

Windows Server

number of licenses

SQL Server

number of licenses

Estimated Cost Savings from Migrating to Azure

Windows Server (3 years costs)

on premises

SQL Server (3 years costs)

on premises

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