data analytics
The volume of data that we need to evaluate to make decisions every day, grows exponentially, this means that we often face unnecessary risks when deciding one or another strategy.

At Aleson ITC we provide our clients with practical information to transform their businesses.

Data Analytics

In order to have that added value in our company, it’s necessary to implement a Business Intelligence system (Business Intelligence, BI). To do this, business teams must have access to clear, easy-to-use tools that allow all the information offered by our business data to be exploited.

📈 We help you transform your company’s data in order to you can make decisions with all the information at your disposal.

📈 We provide detailed information of the data to be up to date.

📈With Business Intelligence Solutions and Tools, all of employees in the organization can understand the data and act quickly on them.

Get the right information in the right hands


  • We offer versatile analytical and business intelligence tools to improve decision making in an organization.
  • We combine data from various sources to create customized reports and rich analyzes that dynamize the data.
data analytics
data analytics stramline

Integrate and manage Business Intelligence Safely


  • Integrates better with existing systems by choosing a BI platform full of functions and unique for the company.
  • Maximize resources.
  • Monitor access to data and resources.
  • Help ensure safety and compliance.
  • Deliver a business intelligence solution designed for the needs of your organization.

Dynamize data in applications


  • We help our customers to easily access valuable data on any device and at any time.
  • We provide updated and fully interactive visual analysis directly in your applications with ease, without the time and expense involved in writing code.
data analytics

“The best decisions start with a better business knowledge”

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