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Our team analyze and review your SQL Server system, identifying the improvement factors and proposing solutions.

A highly proven procedure, results are obtained in a fast, safe and non-intrusive way, even in high performance systems.

SQL Server Health Check

   What are the steps?

Seguridad SQL Server
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Soporte SQL
Revisión SQL Server


Migración SQL Server
Rendimiento SQL Server


Actualización SQL Server
Expertos SQL


Administración SQL Server
Mantenimiento SQL Server


Issues identification

In this first step we met with the  IT team to know the architecture of the environment, the problems that occur and request access.

System  monitoring

We installed an extremely lightweight monitoring that collects performance counters from the servers, in order to know the status of CPU, Memory, Disk and the internal behavior of SQL Server.

Critical points identification

At the same time while the monitoring is collecting data, our experts in SQL Server analyze at all levels the configuration of Server, Instance and Databases.

Technical improvements application for services

With all the data obtained during the monitoring and analysis, a document is created that includes all this revision as well as the necessary changes for the improvement of the environment, for the presentation and explanation of the document, a new meeting is called.

Changes implementation

Once all the recommended changes and improvements are approved by the client’s team, our experts will proceed to perform them in a window that has been previously agreed upon and with a service impact less than 30 minutes.

Our services

The SQL Server Health Check process is divided into phases during which we collect both technical information at the database level and the applications that exploit them, trying to offer a global point of view and focusing on SQL Server. During the analysis phase, we focus on determining the problems that affect the platform, especially in the following:

• Storage Configuration.
• Operating System Configuration related to SQL Server.
• SQL Server Instance Configuration.
• Database architecture.
• Main bottlenecks and code related to them.
• Other risks, High availability, Contingency, etc.

To address these types of problems, we propose a series of clear measures for risk mitigation and performance improvement.

Revisión SQL Server – Rendimiento SQL Server – Actualización SQL Server –
Migración SQL Server – Soporte SQL – Expertos SQL – Seguridad SQL Server –
Mantenimiento SQL Server – Administración SQL Server

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