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Category: SQL Server

Error updating table with rowguidcol

In one of our environments, we have two SQL Server 2008 R2 DB aligned together by Peer to Peer replication, and each of the databases have a Merge replication with multiple subscribers. When we try to make an update on a article/table that is published in Merge and Peer to Peer shows this error: 

“Error executing a batch of commands. Retrying individual commands”, “Updating columns with rowguidcol property is not allowed”

This error occurs because the stored procedures that Peer to Peer uses to make the updates, update all the columns, putting the new value or the old value, and updates in the rowguidcol are not allowed. 

After reporting this error to Microsoft, they give the option to create a “custom” stored procedure, would only have to omit the line of code that updated the rowguidcol.

This is not supported by Microsoft, “You must support the logic in the stored procedure; Microsoft does not provide support for custom logic.” as described in Specifying How Changes Are Propagated for Transactional Articles Microsoft did not give us a date for a possible official fix.