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Successful Case: FLUIDRA

Fluidra, the multinational group listed on the Spanish stock market, is a leading global company dedicated to the swimming pool and wellness sector.

Fluidra, the leading global company dedicated to the swimming pool and wellness sector, faced the challenge of a great growth in its business, which forced it to rapidly update and optimize its database systems. These systems suffered from poor performance, which could affect their internal operations and eventually their customer service.

ALESON ITC, FLUIDRA & Microsoft Azure


Client Challenges

Foounded in 1969, Fluidra has long-standing experience in developing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool market.

luidra has a clear mission: to create the perfect pool and wellness experience responsibly.

The rapid expansion of the company is causing its services to reach more and more clients, generating a greater workload on its database servers and were weighing down performance that could affect its clients.

Partner Solution

An architecture was created to have different environments according to Microsoft’s best practices. Isolated environments for production, pre-production and development.

Depending on the environment, an Enterprise or Developer version of SQL Server 2019 was used. An agreement was reached to separate the different scopes so as not to affect the performance of the server used for production.


Client Benefits

The Aleson ITC team has optimized the performance of the database system and implemented proactive maintenance systems to avoid problems that were experienced before the intervention. With these changes, we were able to limit the number of Fluidra licenses, reducing the economic cost involved and achieved better system administration and the performance of the databases was maximized.

License Limitation.

System Administration.

Database performance improvement, with its consequent cost savings.

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