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Successful Case: IURISCAR

IURISCAR offers different solutions aimed at improving claims management and reducing management costs.

Iuriscar SLP is a legal services company that develops its activity providing comprehensive advice on claims management to insurance companies.
This company, faced the problems that come with working with an outdated architecture. Through Consulting services, Aleson ITC was in charge of migrating all Iuriscar servers to Azure, with the consequent optimization of services and cost reduction. Through the Migration process, an increase in the security of its platform and the provision of a fully scalable system was obtained.

ALESON ITC, IURISCAR & Microsoft Azure


Client Challenges

The objective of Iuriscar is to provide comprehensive advice on claims management to insurance companies, both in the processing area and in the technical-legal field.

They have a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 300 professionals including lawyers, attorneys and experts whose objective is to offer the client an appropriate solution to their needs based on efficiency, professionalism and profitability as guiding principles that govern their actions.

Partner Solution

The Azure for Business service consists of different phases. First, we conducted a study of the assets that make up the current System to identify which of them needed to be migrated and which could be consolidated in others.
After the verification and as the main phase of the project, we rely on Azure Migration Service to verify the compatibility of all On Premise resources against Azure.
To avoid any kind of heritage in the previous architecture, all the servers and services were created from scratch through the test plan validated by the client.
Finally, to increase Security levels, we use Azure Bastion with advanced policies to provide the Network Security Group with the necessary access levels.


Client Benefits

The Aleson ITC team has helped IURISCAR reduce Capex costs, its own Hardware costs, since the cloud does not need this type of investment.
And on the other hand, the architecture available to them has been improved by having all their services in Azure, which allow them to be able to adjust to the needs of the business in case of growth, with the increase of resources immediately.

GDPR compliance, automated backups, and automatic cyberattack threat detection.

99.99% SLA for most services. Redundant data copies stored in at least three separate locations.

Deploy your services anywhere in the world thanks to a global data centre network.

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