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Successful case: HOLALUZ

HOLALUZ, the electricity company that offers you 100% green energy. Join their rooftop revolution and join the fair light.


The leading Spanish company in renewable energies Holaluz faced the challenge of a great growth of its business, which forced it to quickly update and optimize its database systems. These systems suffered from poor performance, which could affect their internal operations and eventually their customer service.

Through its consulting services, Aleson ITC has managed to alleviate the effects described above and even provide its client with a fast, reliable and secure environment that will allow them to maintain and expand their operations in the future thanks to its SQL Server Health Check service.

ALESON ITC, HOLALUZ & Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard


Client challenges

Holaluz is an electricity company that offers energy according to the preferences and usage habits of its customers. The company prides itself on offering its clients fair rate options and uses technology to offer maximum savings and convenience.

The rapid expansion of the company is causing its services to reach more and more clients, creating a greater workload on its database servers and causing serious performance problems that could affect its clients.

Partner solution

The SQL Server Health Check Service is responsible for the optimization of database servers, identifying factors for improvement and offering the necessary measures to mitigate risks. This technique is supported by in-depth monitoring of server performance metrics, good practices from our technicians acquired with the experience of hundreds of interventions, and our own code created based on the System Management Views of SQL Server itself.

Client benefits

The Aleson ITC team was able to optimize the performance of the database system and implement proactive maintenance systems that avoid problems that were experienced before the intervention. Today, the SQL Server Health Check service makes it possible to detect and solve configuration problems in time, monitor systems, identify any deficient indexing and apply maintenance plans to Holaluz systems without affecting its daily operations.

Cost savings, since the Health Check Service allows to extend the life expectancy of the existing hardware.
Increase in the performance of the systems thanks to the rapid execution of the processes and increased sustainability caused by the reduction of the electrical consumption of the systems.
Implementation of daily maintenance to protect the infrastructure, which makes the system much more secure.

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