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Category: SQL Server

Datatable doesn’t show data on User mode at PowerApps

PowerApps show us an entire world of possibilities, but they are in a premature state, so we have not too much sites to get information about the problems that can appear.

Sometimes things happen that we can’t understand. Mistakes that never happened to us, applications that always worked nice suddenly … They fail.

This is what we have found in PowerApps.

Creating the scenario:

To reproduce this error, we are going to create an application with PowerApps in which we have to show a table with the SQL Server data (DataTable) that we need. The problem is that from the editing mode we see it works correctly:

This is what should appear when displaying the table “Companies” with the names of these, the date of the amount, their respective ID and the amount made, however, when running the application from the user mode we see that the table can not find any data to show:

Don’t be mad, first let’s check the connection, the gateway, the permissions of the database, the properties of the table … And if after this we can’t find the problem that prevents us from viewing the table in user mode , What else can we do?


The solution is as simple as going to the properties of the application.

As we can see, we have many options activated … Too many. So we are going to proceed to disable one of them, specifically the option to keep time by doing simultaneous loads to reduce loading time and to reduce the consumed memory.

If any experimental feature of the PowerApps is enable, we will remove it just in case it produces an error in our application. Now we try again to visualize the table in user mode and everything will work correctly.

As we are facing problems with the creation and design of the PowerApps, we will report about the solutions found.