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Category: SQL Server

Speakers at the SQLSaturday of Gothenburg

Last week Fran Lens and I travelled to Sweden with the premise of attending the SQLSaturday of Gothenburg, to participate as speakers in the event and offer a presentation about how to apply GDPR normative into the SQL Server databases.

This event counted with the participation of numerous technicians involved with the Microsoft data technologies, and our presentation had a good acceptation among the assistants.

As it was not the first time we travelled to Sweden, we took advantaje of the ocasion to visit old friends, with who we had already collaborated in previous projects and who shared the event with us. And, although out of the event, we also shared a nice time with Juan Estrada, the responsible of we started working in Sweden some years ago.

Also was a good moment to create links with new professionmates and to know others better, Juan José Jurado and Juan Moreno of Microsoft for example, with whom we had the oportunity to had a conversation about how the database platform is evolving and specially SQL Server in Azure.

But since we were in Sweden and with a free day, we decided that we couldn’t leave without visiting some emblematic villages like Fällbacka or Smögen, taking some photos and of course eating a Räkmacka.

Finally, we would like to thank the responsible person of the event, Mikael Wedham, for welcoming us and for the treatment recieved.